Billy Blanks Tae Bo®

Appcession worked with Billy Blanks and the crew at Tae Bo Fitness to create an outstanding new Low Impact Fitness DVD!

New Low Impact DVD Produced by Appcession

Professional App Development

From Kristin McGee to Billy Blanks to Dara Torres, we have helped talented Fitness Experts from across the country develop amazing apps!

Let's Make The App For YOU!

Dara Torres

Thanks to Appcession Millions of aspiring Olympians and working moms everywhere can “Just Keep Swimming” with Dara every Day!

Download Dara's App!

More Personality. More Engagement.

From Rock Stars to Corporate CEOs, Appcession Commercial Photography Brings Out The LIFE in Every Subject!

Explore Commercial Photography

Video Production With A Flair For Excellence

We are working with Robert Brace to create a whole new way to workout. With Crystal Clear Videography, Audio, and STUNNING HD!

And... Action!

App Development

Developing apps from beginning to end is our forte. We design the flow and graphic elements of our apps. Appcession also updates apps with each new operating system upgrade and bug tests to make sure it runs on all devices. We also handle tech support for our customers.

DVD Production

Start to finish production of world-class fitness and other DVDs. From selecting locations, to creative directing to choosing your team (hair and makeup, stylists, crew), we have it covered.

Commercial Photography

Fashion Forward. Modern. This is the mantra of Appcession commercial photography. Just the right angle, creative framing, and light capture moments that move you to communicate with the amazing subjects in our photos.

More Personality. More Engagement.

Let’s collaborate and capture the perfect images for your business.

Video Production

Appcession shoots everything in HD video and edits from start to finish. We scout and select beautiful locations designed to complement your brand and message perfectly.

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