Billy Blanks Tae Bo Launches new Low Impact DVD

Appcession, a New York City based App Development, DVD and Video Production company has created a brand new Low Impact Tae Bo Fitness DVD for Billy Blanks and his Tae Bo Company. BASIC Tae Bo® Fitness creator Grand Master Billy Blanks returns with a new and improved method of training for people of all ages. This workout is easy to learn, fun and effective. Whether you’ve been working out for years or just starting out this is the DVD for you! In this easy to follow video, Master Billy Blanks leads you through Tae Bo® Basic which teaches the basic moves of Tae Bo® Fitness and focuses on the correct form and techniques. You’ll feel the results from the very start to the end of this workout! Grand master Blanks provides encouragement and carefully instructs you through the movements you’ll need to successfully complete this workout and prepare you for the next level of fitness longevity.   LOW IMPACT This Low Impact DVD was specifically designed for aging adults, people with disabilities, people recovering from an injury or illness, people that want to slow down their workouts, or people who can not handle a high-impact workout. If any of these situations sound like you, then Tae Bo® Low Impact is the workout for you! No one is more qualified than Grand Master Billy Blanks to show you the way to achieve physical excellence beyond any challenge that you may think has set you back. No one should get left behind no matter what adversity life may bring. Everyone deserves an opportunity to equally share the gift of fitness. So... read more


Thanks to the brand new Tae Bo® fitness app, you can now carry the Tae Bo® life mantra with you on-the-go. This app is ideal for die hard fitness enthusiasts or anyone that’s just too busy to make a stop at the gym. Since 1998, Billy Blanks has taken the world by storm as a leader in the fitness industry by revolutionizing the traditional workout with the integration of martial arts, various elements of dance, and boxing with fast paced music for a powerful and intense cardio workout. By combining these elements, Billy created a phenomenal total mind, body, and soul workout that quickly gained worldwide popularity and recognition with the release of his first workout video in 1998. Brief History of Tae Bo® Billy Blanks was a born leader and the 4th child of 15 children between his parents, born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. Billy faced many obstacles during his childhood including the infliction of dyslexia and a physical ailment involving the functioning of his hip. Against all odds and opinions regarding his future, Billy was determined to make something of him-self and to find success, which he did. Billy became more than a success; he went on to not only become a worldwide legend in the fitness industry with multiple black belts in martial arts, but he is also a well-known humanitarian. Billy Blanks takes pleasure in helping others, particularly with high-risk individuals through the Billy Blanks Foundation, founded in 1999. Billy also frequently travels around the world teaching Tae Bo® to members of the armed forces. The very first Tae Bo® class began back in... read more


What are the benefits of your workouts? Fat Loss, Weight Loss, more toned and sculpted butt, legs, arms, and abs, increased cardio capacity, and my favorite increased confidence. What makes your workouts unique? My workouts are hard, but my point of differentiation is that I’m able to make them fun by infusing games, dance, and jokes within the athletic intervals. I like to keep a running commentary to distract you from the hard work you’re doing. The constant talking is by design not by accident. My workouts are also great because I break every move into 3 levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you’re at, you can do any of my workouts and get amazing results. What is your take on nutrition? I believe you need to stay away from processed foods, sugars, and alcohol. Stick to 3 meals a day with a maximum of 2 healthy snacks. And my biggest pet peeve is that people need to know the difference between being full and being satisfied. Upon finishing a meal you should never feel full, if you do, it means you ate too much. A huge part of my nutrition training is teaching my clients portion control. You can eat almost anything, but you must learn how much is too much. Tell us about your background. I’ve worked in the fitness industry my entire adult life. I’m a former division I college athlete and I love to teach my students how good your body can feel, not just about losing weight to “look good” on the outside. Through my method, I’m able to... read more


I was photographing Kristin McGee for the cover of Pilates Style Magazine and she was so friendly, we bonded right away. At the time, I was pregnant and started taking private Pilates sessions with her. I found that Pilates was a great and safer way to exercise while pregnant so I asked her if she would like to shoot some prenatal video and make a prenatal pilates fitness DVD. Apps were just starting to become popular and I said, “hey, let’s make an app, too!”. This way pregnant moms could exercise anywhere on the go not just at home in front of their TV. I knew that the mobility and accessibility of the iPad and iPhone would merit themselves to fitness training videos and information about nutrition and better health. That was how Appcession came into being. Our first app together “Yoga and Pilates with Kristin McGee” featured fitness videos focused on individual body parts. Arms, abs, arms wrist and shoulders. So within the Kristin McGee App you can decide which parts of your body you want to work out the most and purchase just that video within the app. You can literally mix and match your own Kristin McGee Yoga and Pilates workout on the fly and use it where ever you are. Each video is a precise 10 minute workout giving you the best possible fitness on your busy schedule. Kristin now has over 20 fitness videos to choose from across two different apps. Over 200,000 people worldwide just like you have downloaded Kristin’s Appcession iPad and iPhone apps, and workout with Kristin McGee’s Yoga and Pilates everyday.... read more


Sign up to receive three free workouts with Dara Torres and Andy O’Brien! We first met Dara Torres on Twitter and knew immediately we had to capture her style and grace while helping people like you get fit and reach for the Gold. We thought going celeb was the next step in growing the company.  We liked her as a role model for women, older women, mommies, and men training for triathlons. She brought in her Olympic fitness trainer, Andy O’Brien to create the workouts and she demonstrates them in the video.  All the workouts are what she did training for Beijing where at 42 years old she stole America’s heart with her athleticism and won numerous medals. The main focus of this Fitness App is core, stretching, toning and abs of course.  You will build endurance as you workout through simple easy to learn exercises. Dara isn’t twenty anymore, and the longevity of her body is an inspiration to us all. So, her workouts are not about bench-pressing as much weight as possible.  Dara is all about endurance. Creating stretching routines before and after working out.  Her older body needs more time to rest and recover, so these workouts were created with that in mind. Dara eats super healthy. The app also includes her Olympic meal plan. Easy to make recipes that you can prepare yourself and eat like a champion. Andy trains all of the top elite Canadian NHL Hockey atheletes, and is a supreme fitness genius and the exercises he completes with Dara are very easy to follow and understand.   By using this app you... read more

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