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We first met Dara Torres on Twitter and knew immediately we had to capture her style and grace while helping people like you get fit and reach for the Gold.

We thought going celeb was the next step in growing the company.  We liked her as a role model for women, older women, mommies, and men training for triathlons.

She brought in her Olympic fitness trainer, Andy O’Brien to create the workouts and she demonstrates them in the video.  All the workouts are what she did training for Beijing where at 42 years old she stole America’s heart with her athleticism and won numerous medals.

The main focus of this Fitness App is core, stretching, toning and abs of course.  You will build endurance as you workout through simple easy to learn exercises.

Dara isn’t twenty anymore, and the longevity of her body is an inspiration to us all. So, her workouts are not about bench-pressing as much weight as possible.  Dara is all about endurance. Creating stretching routines before and after working out.  Her older body needs more time to rest and recover, so these workouts were created with that in mind.

Dara eats super healthy. The app also includes her Olympic meal plan. Easy to make recipes that you can prepare yourself and eat like a champion.

Andy trains all of the top elite Canadian NHL Hockey atheletes, and is a supreme fitness genius and the exercises he completes with Dara are very easy to follow and understand.


By using this app you are virtually hiring your own professional Olympic Trainer to build your endurance to Gold Medal level.

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