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Yoga & Pilates with Kristin McGee Andrea Speir Perfect Pilates Body

Yoga & Pilates
with Kristin McGee

Yoga and Pilates instructor to the stars, Kristin McGee brings her favorite, easy to follow 10 minute workouts in HD video format. Set in a gorgeous, picturesque location outdoors, Kristin will get you working on all parts of your body: abs, thighs, back, and more! Need a little energy? She even made a workout for that. This video has almost 2 hours of HD video workouts to choose from!

Perfect Pilates Body
with Andrea Speir

Eight different 10-minute workouts to sculpt, shape and tone your body! Segments include a warm-up, core blast to strengthen and tone the abdominals, lengthening and elongating leg workout, tight tush segment to lift and shape the backside, chiseled arms to give that great arm definition, full body flow to work the entire body and get the heart rate up, and a stretching segment to increase flexibility. Bonus 10-minute Magic Circle segment.

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Kettlebell Fitness
with Mike Espinosa

New York City based fitness trainer, Mike Espinosa brings you his best kettlebell moves that will make your body firm and cut in no time at all. This DVD features Kettlebell workouts for biceps, triceps, forearms, back, chest, legs, hamstrings, quads, abs and shoulders—plus Mike’s Kettlebell Swing Workout and Man Makers.

Ballet Body Fit
with Prima Pilates

Diane Boyle, Founder of Prima Pilates, has designed these HD video workouts to optimize the stretching and strengthening of basic ballet technique combined with the benefits of Pilates. Strength and flexibility are increased through the use of natural resistance and focuses on improving the muscle tone of legs, hips and abdominals. The relaxing qualities of graceful dance inspired movement and Pilates toning exercises are a fantastic way to achieve amazing physical results!


S3: Strong, Sexy, Svelte

Three total workouts for a rocking body! Weights, Pilates and yoga plus a bonus five-minute sweat. STRONG 25-minute workout of YogaTone, weights and yoga combined to make your body resilient. SEXY 25-minute Pilates core workout to streamline your physique and give you the flat abs you always wanted. SVELTE 25 minutes of yoga flow, a challenge for your entire body that stretches and sculpts for a long, lean look. BONUS: SWEAT 5 minute bonus cardio blast for when you need an added pick-me-up.