I was photographing Kristin McGee for the cover of Pilates Style Magazine and she was so friendly, we bonded right away. At the time, I was pregnant and started taking private Pilates sessions with her. I found that Pilates was a great and safer way to exercise while pregnant so I asked her if she would like to shoot some prenatal video and make a prenatal pilates fitness DVD.
Apps were just starting to become popular and I said, “hey, let’s make an app, too!”. This way pregnant moms could exercise anywhere on the go not just at home in front of their TV.
I knew that the mobility and accessibility of the iPad and iPhone would merit themselves to fitness training videos and information about nutrition and better health.

That was how Appcession came into being.


Our first app together “Yoga and Pilates with Kristin McGee” featured fitness videos focused on individual body parts. Arms, abs, arms wrist and shoulders.
So within the Kristin McGee App you can decide which parts of your body you want to work out the most and purchase just that video within the app.
You can literally mix and match your own Kristin McGee Yoga and Pilates workout on the fly and use it where ever you are.
Each video is a precise 10 minute workout giving you the best possible fitness on your busy schedule.

Kristin now has over 20 fitness videos to choose from across two different apps.

Over 200,000 people worldwide just like you have downloaded Kristin’s Appcession iPad and iPhone apps, and workout with Kristin McGee’s Yoga and Pilates everyday.

Since the success of Kristin’s Fitness Apps, we have joined forces with Billy Blanks and TaeBo, Dara Torresthe 5 time US Olympic Swimming Champion, andAndrea Speir celebrity Pilates Instructor.

Coming soon we are working Robert Brace, New York City’s #1 Fitness Trainer!

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