hellyahladiesThanks to the brand new Tae Bo® fitness app, you can now carry the Tae Bo® life mantra with you on-the-go. This app is ideal for die hard fitness enthusiasts or anyone that’s just too busy to make a stop at the gym. Since 1998, Billy Blanks has taken the world by storm as a leader in the fitness industry by revolutionizing the traditional workout with the integration of martial arts, various elements of dance, and boxing with fast paced music for a powerful and intense cardio workout. By combining these elements, Billy created a phenomenal total mind, body, and soul workout that quickly gained worldwide popularity and recognition with the release of his first workout video in 1998.

Brief History of Tae Bo®

Billy Blanks was a born leader and the 4th child of 15 children between his parents, born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania. Billy faced many obstacles during his childhood including the infliction of dyslexia and a physical ailment involving the functioning of his hip. Against all odds and opinions regarding his future, Billy was determined to make something of him-self and to find success, which he did.

Billy became more than a success; he went on to not only become a worldwide legend in the fitness industry with multiple black belts in martial arts, but he is also a well-known humanitarian. Billy Blanks takes pleasure in helping others, particularly with high-risk individuals through the Billy Blanks Foundation, founded in 1999. Billy also frequently travels around the world teaching Tae Bo® to members of the armed forces.

kickitholditThe very first Tae Bo® class began back in 1982 in Boston, MA. Eventually, Billy relocated to California where he continued to teach Tae Bo® out of the garage of his home with his daughter, also a master Tae Bo® instructor. Before you knew it, in 1989, they had their very first establishment located in Sherman Oaks, CA, the Billy Blanks World Training Center.

Billy’s training center quickly began to grow by word-of-mouth and this word-of-mouth began to bring many celebrities through the training center’s doors. The list of celebrities that Billy Blanks has trained is extensive, because the word-of-mouth regarding Tae Bo® is that it really works. Not only is Tae Bo® a total body workout that gets you in shape, but it’s a total body workout that makes you feel great.

This is because of the fact that the workout is a mind, body, soul workout that gets you going, pushes you beyond your limit, and leaves you feeling like you can truly take on the world. In 1998, once the very first Tae Bo® fitness workout video was released worldwide, fitness gurus everywhere were then able to Tae Bo® from the comfort of their own homes and now in 2014, you can Tae Bo® with the new app.

Why You Should Choose To Workout With The Tae Bo® iPad App From Appcession

The Tae Bo® Team wants to empower individuals to make complete life changes through the use of the physical fitness arena. This power enables individuals to transform their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually through the Tae Bo® workout. As you begin to transform your body from the outside, you’ll also recognize a transformation from the inside as well as you gain confidence, self-esteem, and an inner awareness enabling you to make necessary changes needed in your life to be the best you that you can be.

The mission of the Tae Bo® Team is to transform people from the inside and out, while strengthening families and communities. Just what do the words, Tae Bo®, mean, anyway? Tae is a Korean word meaning foot or leg, which emphasizes lower body movements in the workout, while Bo, also a Korean word, means upper body striking and defense also integrated into the workouts.
Each individual letter within these two words hold special symbolic meaning. T stands for “total,” A stands for “awareness,” E stands for excellent,” B stands for “body,” and O stands for “obedience.”

The New Tae Bo® App makes it Easier than Ever

The new Billy Blanks Tae Bo® fitness app provides individuals with further power to now carry this complete workout anywhere they go. Take it with you during your travels. Use it to workout in your living room, your garage, your backyard, and more. The new app is free and easy to download. Included are free Tae Bo® meal plans and recipes. What are you waiting for? The only thing holding you back from a total mind, body, and soul transformation is you. Get started on the new you by downloading the Billy Blanks Tae Bo® fitness app today!

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